Have a Junk Mobile Home You Need To Have Removed?

While mobile homes are generally durable, they can reach a point where they may need to be discarded and replaced.

There are also other reasons why you would want to dispose of an old, broken-down mobile home. Perhaps it’s an unwanted gift or you inherited it along with the land given to you. Or you bought some land that came with an old mobile home you have no plans of keeping. At Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc., we have come across every possible problem that mobile homeowners run into.

Whatever the case, if you want to know how to dispose of an old mobile home or whether there are interested buyers out there, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some possible options worth considering if you want to get rid of your junk mobile home. This list includes choices where you can earn some extra cash or may need to spend to get that old mobile home out of your property.

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Free Mobile Home Removal

There are people and companies out there ready to buy your old mobile home and will provide free mobile home removal. All you need to do is get in touch and they can do a quick assessment of the mobile home. You will then receive a reasonable offer and be given a timeframe to decide. Should you push through with the sale, the mobile home removal process is usually complimentary in such cases.

This means they’ll take care of dismantling, loading, transporting, and unloading your mobile home. They’ll even take care of the cleanup in the area where your mobile home used to stand. Whether you want to give your mobile home away for free to charity or want to get some cash in return for your unit, you may get in touch with a free mobile home removal service.

Mobile Home Scrappers Near You

There may also be mobile home scrappers that can help you remove your old mobile home. Consider this option if you think the only thing that can be done with your old mobile home is to sell it for scrap pieces.

Scrappers can salvage the metal from just about any part of your mobile home. Mobile homes have aluminum and copper parts, which are always in demand, making these metals easy to sell. Also, usable individual pieces can still be sold to be used in new mobile homes.

If you prefer this option, you can search for ‘mobile home scrappers near me’ on the internet to get relevant results. Get in touch with prospective scrap dealers in your local area. Check if they accept entire mobile homes for scrap or if they need you to dismantle it yourself and set aside the valuable pieces that you can sell.

You could also get in touch with car-crushing businesses that serve as scrap metal yards. These companies can crush and compact your mobile home for a minimal fee.


Companies that Take Mobile Homes

Who else buys and moves mobile homes?

Another viable alternative is to sell to companies or people who are into the buying and selling of mobile homes. However, since someone who buys and moves mobile homes may be purchasing old units to be fixed or renovated and then resold, you’ll need to check if they accept only certain models.

If your mobile home makes the cut, then you also won’t need to worry about getting the unit out of your property, as they are likely to take care of it.

Mobile Home Disposal

If you want to dispose of your mobile home and have a budget, you can choose between deconstruction and demolition.

  • Deconstruction: This process entails disassembling the mobile home in a manner that ensures materials for reuse are recovered. This environmentally friendly process promotes recycling and sends less waste to landfills. Here, you can make a profit off of any parts that are considered useful or still usable. To do this, you’ll need to hire a deconstruction firm; however, be prepared for the costs. You (or the contractor) also need to get a deconstruction permit and a safety and materials management plan. And depending on your mobile home, you may need to spend about $8,000 to get the job done by a professional deconstruction contractor.
  • Demolition: With mobile home demolition, the service provider uses heavy machinery to knock down your unit. Although you will need to shell out money, this process is cheaper and less time-consuming than deconstruction. As with the deconstruction process, you’ll have to get your mobile home checked for asbestos. You or the contractor will need to get a demolition permit from the local government office as well. Depending on where you live, expect to spend around $5,000 for a demolition job.

As you can see, both options require a substantial investment in terms of money and time, although you’ll be assured of a thoroughly professional service.

However, if you don’t have a budget for any such services and want complimentary mobile home removal assistance, then be sure to type ‘free mobile home removal near me’ when you go on the internet. This way, the top search engine results will link to free mobile home removal services.

Cash for Old Trailers

Having an old or junk mobile home in your yard that you desperately want to scrap doesn’t always require you to spend money. You can get it out of your property for free in some cases — or it may even bring you some extra cash in return.

Of course, there are also paid options if you’re after mobile home disposal.

At Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc., we’re interested in all kinds of mobile homes owners want to discard or remove from their premises.

It doesn’t matter if your unit is old or relatively new. We’ll be happy to have a look and provide you with our best quote — no obligations whatsoever.

Once we agree on a price, we’ll take that mobile home off your property for free, once and for all. Get in touch with us today!

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